Welcome to North Ferrisburgh United Methodist Church

To view our current Worship Service online please click on RECENT POSTS on the left side of this page.

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During COVID-19: Each week while we practice social distancing, we post a video worship service.

Welcome to worship. We are glad you are worshiping with us. If you are new to worshiping with our faith community or you would like to receive our newsletters and other information, please send us an email to the address you see on the image for this page. And tell us how you heard about our online worship. 

Offering: During the online service we do have an offering time with Suiong Wong playing piano (from an MP3 recorded safely at her home) while we show photos of our congregation. This Sunday, we invite you to share communion with those you are with.

If you would like to give an offering, keep up on your pledge, or contribute to funds for those in need, you can 1) send a check made out to “NFUMC” to North Ferrisburgh UMC, PO Box 7, North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473, or 2) make an online donation using the page on this website for that, or 3) have your bank send funds to the church at the above address.

For those of you watching who are members of another congregation, we encourage you to continue your gifts to your church in similar ways.

You can view this video at a worship time that works best for you and your family by clicking on the arrow by the image above. You can then make it full screen by clicking on the icon next to “vimeo” with four arrows pointing out.

As a reconciling Congregation, we affirm the sacred worth of every person. We celebrate human differences among us and welcome and celebrate people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. We welcome and include in our church community anyone who seeks to follow Jesus Christ.    We make no exceptions.

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