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Our letter to Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC

Linda Field as our lay leader, Ted Marcy as our Lay member, and I composed a letter of deep sympathy to the Emmanual AME church that suffered such a tragic loss in the shootings on June 17th, yet also witnessed to the world the power of grace and the Holy Spirit through their forgiveness.

A number of others in our congregation added their personal words. Both the letter and these personal messages are attached as a pdf that you can view from the link below.

Letter to Emmanuel AME Church from NFUMC

The letter will be sent with a $100 gift for their ministry from our Pastor’s Emergency Fund.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kim

Keep Praying

Prayer puts us in touch with Jesus’ healing, guiding spirit.  We, in turn, support others and then they also experience God’s love, healing, and support. 

     Keep praying. It helps us be Christ for others in meaningful ways.  Here are some recent testimonies of what your prayers and love meant for others:

     Dear NFUMC Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and thoughts and prayers at this time of deep sorrow.”  Judy Meyncke whose mother died on Mother’s Day. 

     “You are part of our special blessings.”  – Russ and Marty Partridge thanking us for prayers for Russ’s recent medical challenges.

     “I saw God in the thoughtful Memorial service, in Sue Stoner offering music, and in Carole Stoneking and Karen Rose serving at the reception so that my large extended family could celebrate the life of Floreda Parker.”  Linda Field

Grace and Peace, 


How is your Spiritual Life blooming and growing?

We all love the new spring greens and flowers.  How is your spiritual life blooming and growing? Do you have any of the symptoms of spiritual growth that I found in a Hospice Volunteer message?

  • A tendency to enjoy each moment. 
  • A loss of interest in judging or controlling other people. 
  • A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
  • A loss of interest in conflict. 
  • A loss of ability to worry (this is a very serious symptom). 
  • Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
  • A tendency to act and think spontaneously rather than based on fears based on past experience.
  • Contented feelings of connection with others, places and nature.

“These are warning signs of spiritual growth!  If not treated immediately they may lead to chronic joy and gratitude.”

Grace and Peace,  Kim

A UMC Hospital Making a Difference in Mozambique

Imagine delivering an average of 10 babies a day with only two nurses who have to do 24 – 48 hour shifts!  Imagine growing from having only one physician to having twelve physicians as you serve 500,000 people.  Imagine that your ministry is so well respected that you are seeing people become Christians because of the care they receive? These are a few of the exciting things going on at our United Methodist Chicuque Hospital in Mozambique!

Jeremias Franca, our United Methodist Missionary and Chicuque Hospital administrator, spoke at the Wed AM Bible study about how far the hospital has come and how far it still needs to go. Ted Marcy and Clare Conner, both with public health training, were excited by what they heard about the hospital’s community service.  They are doing a state of the art job in one of the poorest countries in the world. Life expectancy in Mozambique is below 50 years.

Now here is what we can do.  The hospital wants to move their laundry from hand washing to washing machines.  Imagine how many more lives will be saved with a better system for laundry!  We are inviting everyone to give if they can.  The morning Bible study has already given $1,722.  If you would like to give to this please make a check out to NFUMC and add “Mozambique Hospital” to the memo line.

What we raise beyond the washing machines will go to training more nurses, fighting AIDS, TB, malaria, domestic violence, and completing the new maternity ward.  The needs are real and not finished with the better laundry.

Grace and Peace,


Winter Carnival Photos

On Sunday, March 15th, we had a very successful intergenerational Winter Carnival after worship, as the following photos suggest.  In addition to games and the chili contest, Middlebury Foods was there to do their monthly deliveries of inexpensive healthy food.

Big thanks to Mary Lou Payne and Jen Stoneking for planning and preparation, and the rest of the church for helping out.  Thanks to the Jeskies for many of the following photos.

Group WC J

Kids play room  Game Room


Grace from J

Chili table from J  Chili Table

Feeding baby from J

Middlebury Foods  Middlebury Foods



Answers to Prayers

You are the answer to my prayers,” said the man (3rd from left in the photo above) who had been living in his car for seven years, as our work team tumbled out of an old school bus at his work site.  The faith and joy of the people in the Bahamas was a gift they gave to us.  We gave them time, and hard work.  Progress was made. 

The director of Bahamas Methodist Habitat challenged us to realize that every one has wealth and poverty in their lives.  The people we helped did not have our resources, but they had joy, faith and a strong sense of community.  We brought time, money, and resources, but learned from the riches of their faith, patience, singing, shared laughter and low anxiety way of living.  It was a win/win.

Another answer to prayer is that a number of teens decided “Yes”, this is the year they would give our Summer UMARMY Mission trip a try.  We have six first timers this year. We also have nine returning for their second, third, fourth or fifth time! We have a total of 21 people going to St Albans, Vermont for service.  So exciting!

We answer prayers each week by caring for one another, praying for one another, welcoming new comers, serving, studying and worshiping together.  Faith is fun.

Grace and Peace,


Celebrating statistics

No doubt you’ve heard there are “lies, outrageous lies, and statistics”.  At the end of every January, pastors report required United Methodist stats.  It is not my favorite part of ministry.  However, I do want to let you see that we have a lot to celebrate in 2014 in many areas of faithfulness.  The number in parentheses is the 2013 statistic.

  •   Higher average Sunday worship attendance      77 ( 75)
  •   More baptisms                                                                         5 (  3)
  •   More children in our church ministries                  45 ( 34)
  •   More youth in small groups/fellowship                 19 ( 16)
  •   More adults in small groups/studies                    102 ( 65)
  •   More people pledging to our ministry                   46  ( 32)
  •   More persons engaged in mission                         236 (105)
  •   More people served by outreach ministries    607 (522)

Though numbers can seem cold, each of these numbers does represent a person who we care about and who Jesus loves. 

No one person can make all this happen. It only can occur when we faithfully, prayerfully work together.  How wonderful to see our ministry looking so healthy.  Thanks for all you do!

Grace and Peace,