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You Are Generous!

You are generous, and you outdid yourselves in 2015!  Here’s our amazing 2015 mission giving totals:

  • Special offerings for One Great Hour of Sharing, Souper Bowl Sunday, Imagine No Malaria and others raised: $5,056
  • Mission Share giving that benefits our church, our conference, our nation and our world: $20,265
  • Middlebury Family pack to a family in need every month of 2015, and we sent supplies, donations and scholarships to a number of church campers and Mission trip attenders totaling: $3,220

Our grand total of mission giving for 2015 is $28,541.  We also donated food for four Thanksgiving meals, a large number of Christmas gifts for Addison County families in need, food for our food shelf, and items to the Rummage and Plant Sale. Changing lives here and around the world – Priceless!

This is 18% of the budget we proposed for 2015.  Congrats to all!  For further break down of the categories or if you do not know what something listed here is, see our bulletin insert May 29 and June 5th or speak to Finance Committee Chairperson Lou McLaren at 425-7890.

Grace and Peace,


God is a God of Abundance

God is a God of abundance, not a god of scarcity.  Jesus reveals God’s abundance when he makes his disciples catch so many fish that their boat nearly sinks (Luke 5:1-7)”. I take this quote from Henri Nouwen in his devotional book “Bread for the Journey”.

We can rejoice in the many good things God is offering to us: bringing us new mission and service opportunities; bringing new members; and bringing new ideas.  Spring is inching forward, and God is beckoning us always to grow! 

Our generous God wants to offer us an abundant life based on faith, hope and love.  We are rich when our relationships are healthy, when our faith is ever-growing in our  trust in God’s goodness.

No matter what the news is, we have hope that God’s love wins.

Grace and Peace,


Message from Shannon and Lloyd

From Shannon and Lloyd

Dear NFUMC Family,

It is with a heavy heart that we share some truly bittersweet news with you all. Lloyd has accepted a job in Southborough, Massachusetts at an independent school called Fay School and we will be moving there in August. The blessing is that this job provides on campus housing, food, and access to all the boarding school has to offer which means that Shannon will be able to pause her career to stay home and take care of Jazz. Being able to take care of Jazz and be home for Aidan after school is a luxury we did not ever think we would be able to experience! But God really does work in mysterious ways, and when Lloyd’s former college classmate wrote to him about applying to this “great school in Mass”, one thing quickly led to another and before we knew it, they were offering Lloyd the job.

It is difficult to express our sadness about leaving this church community. You have watched us meet, fall in love, get married, and begin our family together. You have supported us with unbelievable love and generosity for nearly five years and we mean it when we say that this church will remain in our hearts forever. You may never know how much your faithfulness, kindness, musicianship, and friendship have meant to us…so for now we will simply say thank you.

With love,

Lloyd, Shannon, Aidan and Jazz

From Kim:

What a blessing God has given us that we have enjoyed Lloyd’s amazing music leadership for 5 years!  Shannon, Aidan and Jazz are major blessings as well.  There is grief in losing them, even as we are glad they have found something so good for them all.

I hope we will always be inspired by their level of faith, and their commitment to our church family.  Lloyd and Shannon will still be our summer intergenerational family events organizers as promised. They will be leaving mid-August for their new opportunity.

Please keep Staff Parish Committee in your prayers as we work to find someone to lead our music ministry and build on all that Lloyd has accomplished with us.  Our Staff Parish Committee will be meeting soon to plan this transition. They are: Linda Field, Lay Leader, Lorna Brown, Chair of Staff Parish and members: Ray Vincent, Stan Field, Pam Taylor, Peter Curler, Clare Conner, Sue Stoner, Carole Stoneking, Kris Nelson

We appreciate your prayers,


An Easy Daily Devotional

Here is a wonderful link for your daily Bible devotional reading: BibleInOneYear 

That link takes you to daily Bible selections from a Psalm or Proverb, the New Testament, and the Old Testament, with an excellent commentary by Nicky Gumbel. 

The site gives you multiple options – read on the website; sign up for a daily email; or use their free smartphone app.  There is even a new audio version for those who might want to listen while driving or doing the dishes or the yard work! 

With this, you will read the entire Bible in one year.  Or you could just read the New Testament selections the first year, and then the Old Testament the next year if it seems too much to do three readings a day.  To do the entire selection takes about 10-15 minutes.  The short commentary gives insight on powerful, tricky, or weird passages.

Reading scripture connects you to the vast wisdom and love the Bible contains.  We want everyone to have the assurance that God loves YOU no matter what.  We also want you to have the amazing wisdom of how to live our faith that the Bible teaches.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Kim

Lent is here

Lent is here. May we use the next 40 days to prepare our hearts for Easter joy!

We get to celebrate God’s great love. This love does not stay aloof, but enters human life to seek and save the lost.

We get to experience God’s power as we leave behind all that prevents us from living an abundant life of faith, hope and love. 

Lent invites us to walk day by day, to  let go of the temptations, resentments, frustrations worries, fears and addictions that distract us from our true calling as God’s children.

Lent inspires us to take up practices that grow us as disciples of Jesus:

  • Watch for where you see God each day
  • Count your blessings
  • See challenges as an opportunity to pray for help 
  • Serve
  • Be generous

Our new Mission Team has challenged us to put together 100 Health kits—let’s just do it!

Grace and Peace,


What Do You Do for a Special Christmas Guest?

What would you do for a special Christmas guest?  Prepare the best dinner you could?  Shop for a gift that is perfect?  Welcome and pamper them while they visit?  Every December, Jesus hopes to be the special guest at our Christmas celebrations!

What if his love makes us more patient? What if his acceptance lowers our stressed out “everything has to be perfect ideal” so that we enjoy each day?  What if his love for us does indeed find us particularly generous when the Christmas offering is taken?  What if his love gets us to treasure the truly important things now and into 2016?

The important things have little to do with “should” and everything to do with sharing more love with those he leads us to.

No matter what the ups and downs of your Christmas, Jesus is eager to share them with you.  May his warm transforming love help you to experience again the wonder of his birth.  I am feeling so blessed by all the ministry we have shared in 2015. Looking forward to the exciting ways God will use us in 2016!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Pastor Kim

Honoring Ruth Bull and Dick Dunn

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Ruth Bull and Dick Dunn both died September 30th.  Both enjoyed very long lives filled with family, friends, church and service. Both were beloved for their faith and involvement in our church. 

    Ruth grew up in the community and taught in our Sunday school for over 50 years. She had a special relationship with every child.  She also had a talent for writing to people often writing to her Sunday school pupils for years or anyone else who could use encouragement.  We rejoice that we honored her in worship a few years back by naming one of our Sunday school rooms in her honor.  Her funeral was in our sanctuary Oct. 2nd.

    Dick Dunn served as pastor here for nine years 1970-1979.  He is the longest serving of any of our many pastors.  Dick retired here a few years ago and this past year was mainly shut in and very frail.  We rejoice that we were able to sing Christmas carols to him last December and to honor him with a quilt of valor for his World War II service recently.  At Dick’s request, he is having a private graveside service in Duxbury, VT, but we hope to honor his memory with a Coffee hour after church when his daughter Jody Rotax can be with us.

    Both of these saints were treasures on loan to us from God.  We entrust them now into God’s loving arms.

Grace and Peace, Kim