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Lent is here

Lent is here. May we use the next 40 days to prepare our hearts for Easter joy!

We get to celebrate God’s great love. This love does not stay aloof, but enters human life to seek and save the lost.

We get to experience God’s power as we leave behind all that prevents us from living an abundant life of faith, hope and love. 

Lent invites us to walk day by day, to  let go of the temptations, resentments, frustrations worries, fears and addictions that distract us from our true calling as God’s children.

Lent inspires us to take up practices that grow us as disciples of Jesus:

  • Watch for where you see God each day
  • Count your blessings
  • See challenges as an opportunity to pray for help 
  • Serve
  • Be generous

Our new Mission Team has challenged us to put together 100 Health kits—let’s just do it!

Grace and Peace,


What Do You Do for a Special Christmas Guest?

What would you do for a special Christmas guest?  Prepare the best dinner you could?  Shop for a gift that is perfect?  Welcome and pamper them while they visit?  Every December, Jesus hopes to be the special guest at our Christmas celebrations!

What if his love makes us more patient? What if his acceptance lowers our stressed out “everything has to be perfect ideal” so that we enjoy each day?  What if his love for us does indeed find us particularly generous when the Christmas offering is taken?  What if his love gets us to treasure the truly important things now and into 2016?

The important things have little to do with “should” and everything to do with sharing more love with those he leads us to.

No matter what the ups and downs of your Christmas, Jesus is eager to share them with you.  May his warm transforming love help you to experience again the wonder of his birth.  I am feeling so blessed by all the ministry we have shared in 2015. Looking forward to the exciting ways God will use us in 2016!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Pastor Kim

Honoring Ruth Bull and Dick Dunn

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Ruth Bull and Dick Dunn both died September 30th.  Both enjoyed very long lives filled with family, friends, church and service. Both were beloved for their faith and involvement in our church. 

    Ruth grew up in the community and taught in our Sunday school for over 50 years. She had a special relationship with every child.  She also had a talent for writing to people often writing to her Sunday school pupils for years or anyone else who could use encouragement.  We rejoice that we honored her in worship a few years back by naming one of our Sunday school rooms in her honor.  Her funeral was in our sanctuary Oct. 2nd.

    Dick Dunn served as pastor here for nine years 1970-1979.  He is the longest serving of any of our many pastors.  Dick retired here a few years ago and this past year was mainly shut in and very frail.  We rejoice that we were able to sing Christmas carols to him last December and to honor him with a quilt of valor for his World War II service recently.  At Dick’s request, he is having a private graveside service in Duxbury, VT, but we hope to honor his memory with a Coffee hour after church when his daughter Jody Rotax can be with us.

    Both of these saints were treasures on loan to us from God.  We entrust them now into God’s loving arms.

Grace and Peace, Kim

Growing in Your Faith

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lives change when we share God’s love! We have more peace, wisdom, courage, and faith, hope and love when we count our many blessings and list God’s unconditional love at the top.

Let us rejoice in the many people inviting children and youth to attend our Sunday school or youth group.  I have heard of kids, youth, and adults all inviting people they know. And we do have new kids in Sunday school!  This blesses all of us!

Men who attended the Men’s group say things like: “The conversations are so deep.” “It is so clear there is love in the room.

Service is a great way to share God’s love. “I need to find more service projects to be involved in.” said a person active with the Community meal.

All of these comments reflect people growing in their faith. Where is God inviting you to grow?

Grace and Peace,


On Sunday School

Last month, we invited people to write down the name of a child that they know who does not have a Sunday school to attend.  That child could be a family member, neighbor, or friend of your own children. 

We promised to pray for that child/family and to ask God to guide us to invite them in a warm, non-judgmental way to try our Sunday school which begins September 13th.  We encouraged you to offer to pick the child up and bring them and any family members who want to attend so they have a friendly person to walk through our doors with.

It is hard for me to imagine anything more important than a life-giving faith in a God of love who is eager to help us be the best we can be.

Yes, I do think this is more important than being a star athlete, top student, popular, or famous.  This holds no matter what our age!  For we all know “stars” who fail at having good character. 

A person with genuine faith is joyful, patient, faithful, loving, hopeful, serves others, makes the world a better place, and has a peace that no circumstance can shake.  This is true “stardom”. 

I hope that you are praying for someone that you can invite.  Faith is meant to be shared.

Grace and Peace, 


UM ARMY Mission Trip to Springfield, VT Highlights

I saw Christ in you.” – couple who were helped by our teens.   Some of the Best experiences of my life and surely the most fulfilling.” – teen who has gone on multiple Mission trips with us. “I am SO glad I came this year and hope I can come back next year.” –teen who went for the first time.  I am ready to go next year and bring a second grandchild along.” – Chris Steadman.  We got very close to our client and it was hard for him to say good-by and hard for us too.” – Bill Reitz, leader of the ramp team.

As you can read above, our July UMARMY (United Methodist Action, Reach-Out Mission by Youth) trip to Springfield, VT was a huge success yet again. We took our biggest group ever: 21 teens and adults.  We had five teens along for the first time, and some teens who had done all five of our UMARMY trips and many of our Katrina recovery trips as well.  Next year we have two to three young people who will qualify for the Young Adult (19-30) camp!

We all grew as we met the challenges and joys that a mission trip provides.  We rose to the occasion to serve Christ well.  Our faith grew a lot that week as we saw God in our fellow campers, leaders and in our clients.  Springfield loved us. We loved them. Christ was served. 

The team also included everyone who prayed, donated funds or tools or supplies and who welcomed us back.  God is good all the time…all the time God is good.

Grace and Peace,