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Links to videos from the worship service including sermons and special events

Easter Sunday Online Service

For Easter Sunday during COVID-19, we had a 30 min videotaped service with music, hymn singing, prayer, reading of Psalm 23, a message on Matthew 28: 1-10, and joys and concerns.

You can view this video by clicking on the arrow by the image above. You can then make it full screen by clicking on the icon next to “vimeo” with four arrows pointing out. If you have problems with the video freezing to upload, click on vimeo and when the video comes up, click on “download” and choose SD 360p to have the entire video on your computer to play when you would like.

Offering: During the online service we did have an offering time with Suiong Wong playing piano (from an MP3 recorded safely at her home) while we showed photos of prior Easter services. If you would like to give an offering, keep up on your pledge, or contribute to funds for those in need, you can 1) send a check made out to “NFUMC” to North Ferrisburgh UMC, PO Box 7, North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473, or 2) make an online donation using the page on this website for that, or 3) have your bank send funds to the church at the above address.

For those of you watching who are members of another congregation, we encourage you to continue your gifts to your church in similar ways.

Copyrights: For Easter Sunday worship we have CCLI licenses 20424928 and 20424911 in order to project and use the hymn, “Lift High the Cross” by George William Kitchin, Michael Robert Newbolt, and Sydney Hugo Nicholson, © Hope Publishing Company. Pastor Kim’s worship series for Easter Season is adapted from by Dr. Marcia McFee.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Service

For Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, Pastor Kim offered an online worship service for safe at home observance of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or both.

During this 27 min service, we encountered through art and dialog four people who had front row seats in this incredible real-life drama of Jesus last hours: Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus and friend of Jesus; Judas; a Roman soldier; and Salome, one of the inner circle of women disciples who followed Jesus. We sing two hymns, “Were You There” and “Servant Song”, and have time for silent prayer.

Copyrights: The worship service for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday is adapted and used with permission of Marcia McFee and her Worship Design Studio ( We have a license with ONE LICENSE #733098-A and with CCLI licenses 20424928 andd 20424911 in order to project and use the two hymns, “Were You There” and “The Servant Song”.

“The Parade: Risking Reputation” Sermon on March 1st

Our Sermon Series for Lent is “Entering the Passion of Jesus”. We are looking closely at Jesus’ compassion and how this leads him to the cross so that we can handle all life dishes out with grace and power. Jesus risked it all, what will we risk for the sake of God’s love?

Pastor Kim’s message is on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Matthew 21:7-9 The painting that allows us to enter the scene as an observer is by John August Swanson, “Entry into the City”.

“Love Your Enemies” Sermon on Feb 23rd

Ted Marcy gave the message on Matthew 5: 43-48 in which Jesus tells us to “love your enemies”. Who is your enemy? How do you “love” an enemy? What would this even look like? Why would you do this?

Towards the end of the message, he shows a video of an encounter during a rally between Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter. You can view this video in this link to a NYT opinion piece written by Arthur Brooks, who also wrote the book, “Love Your Enemies: How decent people can save America from a culture of contempt” that informed Ted’s message.

“Create Healthy Relationships” Sermon on Feb 16th

Pastor Kim’s sermon is based on Matthew 5: 21-37, part of which is the following: ” if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.”

Please excuse the first few moments of the video. My iPhone was refusing to engage the video at the start of her sermon.