Celebrating statistics

No doubt you’ve heard there are “lies, outrageous lies, and statistics”.  At the end of every January, pastors report required United Methodist stats.  It is not my favorite part of ministry.  However, I do want to let you see that we have a lot to celebrate in 2014 in many areas of faithfulness.  The number in parentheses is the 2013 statistic.

  •   Higher average Sunday worship attendance      77 ( 75)
  •   More baptisms                                                                         5 (  3)
  •   More children in our church ministries                  45 ( 34)
  •   More youth in small groups/fellowship                 19 ( 16)
  •   More adults in small groups/studies                    102 ( 65)
  •   More people pledging to our ministry                   46  ( 32)
  •   More persons engaged in mission                         236 (105)
  •   More people served by outreach ministries    607 (522)

Though numbers can seem cold, each of these numbers does represent a person who we care about and who Jesus loves. 

No one person can make all this happen. It only can occur when we faithfully, prayerfully work together.  How wonderful to see our ministry looking so healthy.  Thanks for all you do!

Grace and Peace,