“Every Child Counts” School – How you can support this mission

On Sunday Aug 12th,  Bruce and Jane Werner shared in their message the ministry they helped with back in the early 2000’s involving the school for disadvantaged children “Every Child Counts” in The Bahamas.  If you would like to learn more about the school, click everychildcountsabaco.org to get to their website.

Several people after the service asked how they might donate funds to the school.  The best way is to make checks payable to: “Every Child Counts” and mail to: Every Child Counts  P.O. Box AB 20085, Marsh Harbour,  Abaco,  Bahamas   It is 84 cents postage for a 1 oz letter to The Bahamas.

For additional information on mailing amounts over $250 or to receive tax receipts, go to the school’s donation page: http://www.everychildcountsabaco.org/how-to-donate/

Thank you for your interest.