Goals from the All Church Planning Day June 21st

Planning Day 2014 was a wonderful time.  Ed Wilkens had beautiful scriptures for us to get us started.  Then we celebrated the many goals we have already reached from previous planning days.  

Next we plunged in to thinking about what children, youth, young adults (18-40 year olds) and adults over 40 most need from our church.  There was a lot of good energy in the room.  We came up with many ideas, but settled on three main goals for the next year: 

  1. Improve and expand our church playground.
  2. Increase intergenerational events 
  3. Establish leadership for the youth.

Goals two and three are actually related.  Recent research has found that youth who are involved in an intergenerational church are most likely to take their faith with them to college and beyond.

So we do hope to find/hire someone to work with teens, but good youth ministry always involves lots of adults being involved. Youth ministry also involves the teens in the rest of the life of the church.  When all generations share –worship, spiritual growth, service and fun – we all thrive.

Grace and Peace,