Ideas and Plans from Our Planning Day Jan 20th

Ideas and Plans from Our Planning Day Jan 20th

Feb 01
Ideas and Plans from Our Planning Day Jan 20th

On Sat, Jan 20th, twenty people of all ages gathered for an awesome planning day.  Ed Wilkens, our leader, made it fun and lively. Said one new member who had to slip out early: “I don’t want to leave, this is fun.” 

We looked at developing new ideas for 1) children, 2) youth, 3) young adults and parents and 4) Faith Deepening Studies (any class that helps our faith grow).  We also hope to expand lay leadership.  Below is a more detailed look at the ideas that came under each of these areas:

  1. For faith deepening study: We will offer “What in the World” Wednesday sermon review discussion studies.  These begin on Feb 21st thru March 28th at both 10–11:30am and 7–8:30pm.  Choose which time is best for you.
  2. For Youth: Hold monthly activities and survey the youth to find out their interests.  For example, Kathy Quesnel and Rob McKay begin a new high school class during worship Sunday, Feb 4th.
  3. For Children: Offer regular fellowship activities for children as well as Sunday school.  Crafts, hikes, cooking, grandparent/mentoring activities.
  4. Young Adults/Parents: offer mid-week gathering at the Pavilion for picnics, music, games, playground, socializing.

As we look forward, we rejoice that God is blessing us in many ways.  In 2017 our average attendance grew to 84, when many churches are shrinking. Our giving, service, and fun activities increased as well! Sunday Feb. 4th we add a Sunday school class for High School students 9th-12grade!  We are so blessed!

Grace and Peace, Kim