“Living Our Inheritance” sermon on July 15th

Paul says that the gift of the Holy Spirit is a down payment on our inheritance in Christ. What is it like to live trusting God? Based on selections from  Ephesians 1:3-14

Here are the blessings that Pastor Kim named and that were up on the slides that you cannot see in the video:

I am: Accepted by God / Beloved by God / Chosen by God / Delivered by God / Enlightened by God / Forgiven by God

I have: Grace of God / Hope for the future / Inheritance in heaven / Justification / Knowledge of God / Love / Mercy of God / Nearness to God / Oneness with God / Peace / Quickening of the Spirit

I am: Redeemed / Sealed with the Holy Spirit / Treasured by God / United with other believers / Validated as an authentic child of God

I have: God’s Wisdom.  And one day I will be: / Exalted with Him!

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