Loaves, fishes, and Polly Curler’s funeral

Saturday March 29th we held a funeral for Polly Curler. She was our organist for 40 years and a wonderful Christian, mom, nurse, and community member. We worried whether we would have enough. We knew it might be a big funeral. We also knew a lot of our active church members were facing illness, or other challenges. Would we have enough? Would the weather be ice or snow?

Like the disciples with only two fish and five loaves of bread, we had questions, worries, and doubts. That Saturday the weather was better than expected. We seated the family early to figure out what seats were left. The people kept coming. Many of our church members gave up their seats and went up into our balcony. The people kept coming. The extra chairs in the back filled. There were a number of people standing for the entire service.

We sang, we cried, we laughed as we remembered how God blessed us through Polly Curler. Then I went downstairs and you took my breath away. There were mountains of donated food. It just shouted “We love you Polly, we love you Curlers, we love you Savior who gave us Polly.” Thank you.

Grace and Peace, Kim