“Living Our Inheritance” sermon on July 15th

Paul says that the gift of the Holy Spirit is a down payment on our inheritance in Christ. What is it like to live trusting God? Based on selections from  Ephesians 1:3-14

Here are the blessings that Pastor Kim named and that were up on the slides that you cannot see in the video:

I am: Accepted by God / Beloved by God / Chosen by God / Delivered by God / Enlightened by God / Forgiven by God

I have: Grace of God / Hope for the future / Inheritance in heaven / Justification / Knowledge of God / Love / Mercy of God / Nearness to God / Oneness with God / Peace / Quickening of the Spirit

I am: Redeemed / Sealed with the Holy Spirit / Treasured by God / United with other believers / Validated as an authentic child of God

I have: God’s Wisdom.  And one day I will be: / Exalted with Him!

Y                         Z

Our Mission is All About Changing Lives

Our mission is all about changing lives!  Here is how YOU are doing this: 

  • Our Sunday school season added new families. Hug and thank a Sunday school teacher and all the kids and parents inviting their friends! 
  • New people tell me, “Wow, this is such a warm place!”.  Keep up the 5 minute rule of speaking to someone you don’t know well before or after worship and getting to know them.”  Truly friendly churches have to keep working at being welcoming.
  • Chick Wood and Diane Shortsleeve worked on Mary Lou Payne’s flower garden so she could enjoy it! 
  • Jim Warden is offering his second dog obedience class to anyone needing this. 
  • Ted Marcy and Robie Stoner surveyed the flooded home of a low income owner in Northern VT and reported to our Conference Volunteers in Mission person who will plan the volunteer rebuild of this home. 
  • We gave $1500 to United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) so that they are there anywhere in our state, nation or world where there is a natural disaster or war. 
  • The OWLS team is planning a fun outreach during the Old Hollow neighborhood Yard Sale day, June 23rd.  We will be offering free water, and parking because God’s love is free! 

If someone connects to God’s grace through any of these services we offer?—well that’s priceless.

Grace and Peace, Kim