We are “rich” in the best way

Several people liked a quote by Gordan Dahl that I shared in a recent sermon.  It was “Americans worship our work, work at our play, and play at our worship.

Instead, Psalm 100 encourages us to see worship as something we offer an amazing God.  Our worship is us delighting in God.  Worship allows us to thank God for God’s presence no matter what, God’s guidance if we will listen, and, of course, our Savior Jesus.

What other blessings have you received from God?  Life, health, friends, family, a great state/nation to live in, forgiveness, salvation, grace, faith, hope and love?  When we pause to count all the blessings God gives us, we discover we are “rich” in the best way.

Grace and Peace, Kim

Mother’s Day Reflections

It has been fun watching the photos of mom’s appear at church. Mother’s day is a special time for all—because we all have or had moms!   For adults who also have kids it has a double meaning of remembering their own childhood while treasuring the childhoods of their kids.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs we do. It is pretty non-stop for the first 18 or so years of a child’s life. When our oldest was born, a wise older parent (who had teens and pre-teens) said to me, “Parenting is one of life’s greatest adventures.”   For some reason, I can still picture her saying this to me at the back of the sanctuary of the church I was then serving.

There are few things that bring us more joy or sadness than our families.   May we rejoice in the love we get to share, keep our sense of humor (parenting is often very good at keeping us humble as well) and undergird what we do with prayer.

Wisdom for each joy, sorrow and surprise is ours when we connect our parenting adventure with our faith.

Grace and Peace,


The Active Church

Six years fly by when you are having fun!  Six years ago I began serving as one of your pastor’s here at NFUMC.

Back then, when I met someone local and told them where I was serving, they often had never heard of our church.  If they had, they would say, “Oh, is that the Lobster Fest church?”  Yes, I would happily say.

Now when I meet someone, I find that they not only know who we are, they consistently say, “Oh, that is the active church!”.  They know we do not only the Lobster Fest, but also Mission trips, a free community meal, service to the community and lots of other things.

I think I like being known as part of that “active church”!

Grace and Peace,  Kim

The Wonder of Spring

Do you feel the wonder of Spring? This year after such a tough winter everyone is gleeful with the spring weather.

Imagine how much more the joy would have been for the first disciples who witnessed Jesus crucifixion. They thought the suffering would never end. They thought all they had believed had been crushed and destroyed.

Instead they received a Savior who called them by name, blessed them with forgiveness and his promise that sin and death were now vanquished.

Jesus promises us this joy today. I am looking forward to sharing our Easter faith with you Easter Sunday and every Sunday and in all the ways our church is serving our risen Savior.

Grace and Peace,  Kim

Loaves, fishes, and Polly Curler’s funeral

Saturday March 29th we held a funeral for Polly Curler. She was our organist for 40 years and a wonderful Christian, mom, nurse, and community member. We worried whether we would have enough. We knew it might be a big funeral. We also knew a lot of our active church members were facing illness, or other challenges. Would we have enough? Would the weather be ice or snow?

Like the disciples with only two fish and five loaves of bread, we had questions, worries, and doubts. That Saturday the weather was better than expected. We seated the family early to figure out what seats were left. The people kept coming. Many of our church members gave up their seats and went up into our balcony. The people kept coming. The extra chairs in the back filled. There were a number of people standing for the entire service.

We sang, we cried, we laughed as we remembered how God blessed us through Polly Curler. Then I went downstairs and you took my breath away. There were mountains of donated food. It just shouted “We love you Polly, we love you Curlers, we love you Savior who gave us Polly.” Thank you.

Grace and Peace, Kim

More Scriptures to Wake Up To

In my last post, I reported on some scriptures that our fellow church members are using to wake up to and or inspire them through out the day.  Here are some more great scriptures that people are using:

Romans 8:31-39 speaks about how “Nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Someone else named Psalm 103. This psalm celebrates God’s compassion and ability to forgive. “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love….he does not treat us as our sins deserve…

Another powerful scripture comes from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel. Matt 6:25-34 encourages us not to worry, our heavenly Father knows what we need.  Last, but not least, is the passage from Paul in Phillippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things through him (Christ) who strengthens me.

If you are looking for a scripture to be your favorite, reading the Psalms, or the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) or reading Paul’s letter to the Philippians are great places to begin the search

Grace and Peace,


What are you waking up to?

Lorna Brown led our mid-week Bible study in a wonderful lesson where people were invited to share the Bible verse they were trying to “wake up with”.  There were many wonderful scriptures shared and some quotes as well.

Psalm 121 “I lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help? It comes from the Lord…” was recited from memory in full!  Others had picked Roman’s 8 or Psalm 23 or Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

There was a special request that I list the quote that one person wakes up to.  While this is not “in the Bible” it is certainly a great Biblically inspired quote: “If you feel that you are drowning in suffering, grief or pain, remember your life guard walks on water!

Another great quote in response to someone saying “I worry too much about tomorrow.” was “Do you realize tomorrow never comes? There is only the past and today.”  That gave us a good laugh, but it is true!

Grace and Peace,  Kim

Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands

Pilgrimage: a journey, often long, made to a place of sacred meaning.  For me, our trip to Israel was also an affirmation of our faith that God acts in human history.

Seeing the sights where our Biblical heroes and our Savior lived out their faith, opens a window into how God is at work in our lives today.  It was fun, moving, and thought provoking.

Lent is almost upon us and this is a form of pilgrimage for all Christians. In a spiritual way, we journey with Christ towards the cross and beyond. In this journey, we hope to connect to God in a deeper way.  Looking forward to preparing for Easter with you!

Grace and Peace,  Kim

Grateful for…

Today I am grateful that this past week and evening we had snow, not ice.  I am grateful for the many volunteers working so hard on our kitchen.  The banter among the kitchen workers is usually quite entertaining.

I am grateful that Shirley Parfitt and Janette Dumont bring such faithfulness and enthusiasm to our new children’s choir, and the joyful way that the kids invite their friends to come to Sunday school or sing in the choir.  I am grateful for Sunday school teachers.  Lee Steadman gave a wonderful talk on Boy Scouts on our Scouting Sunday.

Life is richer because we know God is on our side working for good.  We get to live that lesson every day.

Do you think God is grateful for all the love, service, worship, prayers, fun and fellowship we pour into being Jesus’ disciples?  What about if church is fun?  Well, because you make it that way, I am grateful, and I am betting God is too.

Grace and Peace,