Running a Marathon

Running a Marathon

Apr 22

Ted and I have a niece who just finished the Boston marathon and did well in spite of the conditions.  Well, life is a marathon.  Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don’t.  Most of the time there is another day to try again. Life is better with people in a faith community who cheer us on, hand us water and nourishment, and wrap us in cheers and blankets.

We have our ups and downs. We all carry a certain amount of baggage from the families who raised us, the culture we both observe and are captured by, our own decisions, and the decisions of others whom we care about, but do not control.

Through it all, I choose to believe in a God of unconditional love based on the evidence that my life is better when I trust this God.  And I see many, many others in this church and beyond our church for whom this is also true.  Some of the time I actually live my trust.

Always we are blessed when others are honest with their struggles and their insights.

Grace and Peace, Kim