Sermon on Jan 14th: “Forgiving Ourselves”

The 2nd sermon in the series on forgiveness based on L. William Countryman’s book, Forgiven and Forgiving.  Before we can love others, we need to be able to love ourselves, and that means forgiving ourselves.  But God wants us to be transformed through God’s grace.   Based on Mark 2:1-12

Sermon Notes:

#1  God wants to give us a mind and heart like God’s own.  That mind/heart of God is never into ______________________ towards ourselves or towards our enemies.

#2 But God’s notion of justice, unlike that of some humans isn’t focused primarily on ___________________.  It is focused on ­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________

#3Jesus says to us I ­­­­­­­____________________________________________________________.


Answers (view the sermon first):

1. revenge

2. punishment; new life and new creation

3. “I forgive you, now take up your mat and walk my way