“The Freedom to be Filled” sermon on Pentecost

To be Pentecost Christians we (fill in the blanks as you listen, answers below that):

1. Make _____________________ a priority.

2. ____________to fellows Christians before and after__________.

3. Live our _______the rest of the week which includes _________ for and ____________people we know, to _______________________________.

Jesus lifted up the _ because they were ____________________to God not because the culture of the day ________________.

As faithful Christians, United Methodists take the Bible seriously __________. We look for how the biggest theme of all God’s ________________________ is lived out.

Pentecost sent the original disciples into _________________________just a few years earlier. Can we model that same kind of openness?


worship, Reach out , worship, faith, praying for, inviting, try our church

outcast, human beings precious, valued them

but not literally, love for and welcome of all people

relationships they would never have imagined