God Help Us!

God Help Us!

Apr 27

Good news!  A good God, created us good for a good purpose. God also created us free, not wanting robots.  We often use our freedom for selfish choices.  We see this in the daily news.  We and our world are a mess. God help us!

And God does! God sends us Jesus, to save us.  Jesus prays, studies scripture and serves others daily.  He worships on the Sabbath, he creates community.  He goes to the cross to demonstrate the depth of God’s love. God raises Jesus from the dead as the ultimate sign that his love is stronger than sin and death.  Love – not hate, life – not death, and true community – not selfish tribalism wins.

Easter reveals God’s love is unconditional.  We can’t earn this love, we can only receive it as a gift. We can’t earn it by following a bunch of rules.  Salvation is the relationship of trusting God.  

The only rule now is, Love God, and neighbor as yourself.  The best way to do this is connecting with God’s love by daily prayer, Bible study,  service, and weekly worship with others. 

God is eager to transform us, and to work through our faithful community to reach the world.  

Happy Easter!  

Pastor Kim